How to Use


What service does IntelliSerp provide?

IntelliSerp is an accurate and intelligent keyword rank tracker. In other words, if you have a website and you'd like to track its ranking positions on major search engines, you would simply add your website(s) and keywords to IntelliSerp and it will do the rest for you.

Will Google penalize my website if I use IntelliSerp?

There is no way for Google or anyone else to know that you are using IntelliSerp to track your websites' keyword rankings unless you tell someone.

It is highly unlikely that Google would penalize your website because your are using a rank tracking service.

How does IntelliSerp work?

IntelliSerp is one of the most advanced rank tracking software available on the market.

Most rank tracking software simply send a request to Google or Bing to get content of their search engine results page. These automated requests are very easy to spot and often not accurate.

Not us. No way.

Our systems were designed from the ground up to emulate an actual user.

That means our software uses an actual browser that supports JavaScript and types the search keyword into search engine search box.

It then clicks to next page until your website is either found or it has exceeded the first 10 pages.

What is the highest ranking position IntelliSerp will look at?

When we crawl search engines, we generally only go up to 10 pages. That usually means 100 total results.

Due to many different factors, 10 pages is not guaranteed to include exactly 100 results. It could be slightly less or more.

We only monitor the first 10 pages of search queries because we feel that anything beyond that point is not valuable to our users.

Which search engines can IntelliSerp monitor?

Currently, IntelliSerp can crawl Google and Bing. We plan on adding more search engines in the future. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to let us know.

Can I increase the total number of allowed keywords or websites on my account?

You may increase the total number of allowed keywords or websites by upgrading to a higher plan. There is no way to increase that limitation without a plan upgrade.

How many times a day does IntelliSerp update my keyword rankings?

There are no set number of times your keyword rankings will be updated, but it will usually be at least 1-3 times per day.

If you simply need to get the latest rankings of specific keywords, you can utilize the On-Demand feature to add those keywords to the update queue immediately.


What does the dash (-) character mean in the position column?

The dash character simply means that your website was not found for that keyword.

What does the clock icon mean in the position column?

The clock icon is shown when you first add a keyword. It specifies that the keyword has been added to the queue and will be checked soon. Usually it is updated within 5 minutes, but during peak hours it could take up to an hour.

What does an infinity character (∞) mean in the change column?

Infinity character means your website has either entered or left the top 100 positions. Anything over 100 is considered unknown and hence the infinity character.

What does the phone icon mean in the search engine column?

The phone icon specifies that the keyword monitoring is being done as a mobile device. This is an option you select when you add new keywords.

What timezone is used in the last updated column?

All of the dates and times on the website are Eastern Standard Time Zone.


How do I set up a notification?

First, go to the Notifications page and click on "Add Notification" button.

Then select whether you want the notification to track all of your websites or only the selected website.

Next, choose whether you want only email or SMS text notifications, or both.

And finally set up the notification rule by selecting the Type of notification and Threshold number.

Where are notifications delivered to?

Your notifications are delivered to the email or phone number you specified in your profile. If you are planning on using SMS text notifications, make sure you also select your mobile phone provider.

You may change those at any time by visiting the Profile page.

How many notifications can I have?

There is no set number of notifications you may create. But keep in mind that if you have too many notifications or if the threshold value is too low, you might be overwhelmed by notifications.

We recommend creating only one notification per website and using "Enters the top 10" and "Leaves the top 10" notification rules.

If we detect that you are getting an unreasonable amount of notifications, we will display a warning message and ask you to delete some of your notification rules.

You can check how many times each notification has been sent in the little orange bubble on the Notifications page.

Keep in mind that the more notification emails and text messages you receive, the more likely they are to be flagged as spam in the future by your email or mobile phone provider.


What are labels?

Labels are simply categories which you can add any keywords into for easier tracking and organization.

Is there limit to how many labels I can create?

There is no limit to how many labels you can have. Feel free to create as many as you want.

Since labels are mainly used for organization, you probably do not want to have a label for each keyword.

We recommend grouping your keywords into several labels such as timeframes of when you started doing SEO work on those keywords.


How do I create a report?

Creating reports is easy. Simply go to the Reports page and click on Add Report button.

How do I share a report with another person?

There are two ways to share reports.

The first way is to simply save the PDF file of the report and send it to the other person.

The second way is to make the report Sharable when you are creating it. This generates a unique URL which you can send to any person to access and view.

Is it safe to share a report with others?

As far as your IntelliSerp account goes, it is absolutely safe to share a report as reports are read-only and users that access the reports cannot make any changes on your websites or keywords.

How do I schedule email reports?

When adding a new report, select Yes to Schedule Emailed Reports. Then select Email Frequency of the reports such as Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

- Daily reports are sent daily.

- Weekly reports are sent on first day (Monday) of every week.

- Monthly reports are sent on first day of each month.

What email are scheduled reports sent to?

Scheduled reports are sent to the email set on your profile in your account.

At the moment, it is not possible to change which email the reports are sent to. The only way to change it would be to change your account email address.


What is the sync icon on the keywords page?

The sync icon is your way to activate our On-Demand feature for that keyword.

Upon clicking the sync icon, the keyword will be added to the update queue and will be updated as soon as possible.

How many On-Demand updates can I use?

Each plan has different limits on On-Demand updates. You can mouse-over the On-Demand icon to view your current usage and limits.

On-Demand limits reset each day so if you reach your limit, you simply have to wait until the next day to use this feature again.

If you find yourself always running out of On-Demands, you may upgrade your plan to increase your daily On-Demand limit.

What is the lightbulb icon on the keywords page?

This icon opens the Keyword Insights box. Keyword Insights show you all the crucial information for your keywords including search volume, total search results, CPC in Adwords, ranking difficulty, and related keywords.

In addition, it also shows you which URL on your website is ranking for that keyword (if any) and allows you to delete a keyword if you no longer wish to track it.

What is the chart icon on the keywords page?

The chart icon opens the visual chart that shows your keyword rankings over time.

Currently, the chart will show a maximum of 2 months of historical data.

What is the closed eye icon in the navigation bar?

The closed eye icon activates the Whiteout feature on the page and hides any identifiable information such as keywords or websites. This is helpful if you are taking a screenshot and want to share it with others but do not want them to see the identifiable information.

What is the eye icon next to the keyword ranking position?

The eye icon opens our SERP view feature. SERP view shows you exactly how your website looks in the search engine when it was crawled. If you recently updated your title or meta description tags and are wanting to see if Google or Bing picked it up yet, this feature is for you.

What is the map marker icon next to the last updated date?

When you mouse over the map marker, it will show you what location we crawled the search engine results page for this keyword. As Google and Bing have hundreds of different data centers around the world, different locations often display different result pages. So it is possible for your website to rank only in certain regions.


How do I change my account plan?

Go to the Billing page and click on the "Change Plan" button.

If you prefer, you may go to the Change Plan page directly.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

You may learn more about our refund policy here.

How long is the free trial?

We offer a 7 day free trial. That means your credit card will not be charged until the 7 days pass.

Please note that the free trial is only valid for new members.